This album was the first record Paul Reid recorded.

Recorded in 1967 under the Columbia Label it was an immediate local success.


Side 1

  1. 1.In September - Betty Jane Balch

  2. 2.To a Friend - Unknown

  3. 3.How, Why and When - Norma Louise Martin

  4. 4.I Looked For You Last Night - Mary Dolan

  5. 5.A Letter To My Love - Delores Bruneau

Side 2

  1. 6.To a Sleeping Beauty - L. Markes

  2. 7.I Want You - Arthur L. Gillon

  3. 8.Miss You - David Cory

  4. 9.The Day Is Done - Henry W. Longfellow


Produced by: Richard L. Rosenstein

Music composed and arranged by: Denny Vaughan

LINER NOTES (Original Release)

The art of reading to others for their pleasure... (yes, one may truthfully say `comfort` too) is a skill few possess. It is not an acquired skill, nor a taught one. Professionalism can only add deft touches to natures endowment. This is the best introduction to Canada’s Paul Reid, to whose voice you will listen on this recording. All the more difficult and therefore more deserving of the accolade of professionalism in its highest meaning, is that Paul Reid’s readings (as you will hear them) were not intended in the first instance for visible audiences whose reactions to the performer can judge for himself as his voice speaks.

These recordings result directly from the requests of innumerable people for something more permanent to hear and re-hear, than a gentle voice coming quietly from a microphone in a sound proofed studio miles away, heard then gone.

One thinks of Charles Loughton, or perhaps Ustinov....but these, in the writer’s experience, were heard “live” and associated with theatre. Or you may have heard the remarkable voice of Dylan Thomas, telling of “A Welch Boy’s Christmas”, or that of Britain’s Dame Edith Evans, or Emlyn Williams.

If you can close your eyes, lean back restfully in your armchair, then the voice of Paul Reid, as he speaks some of the world’s best loved poetry... and some you may never have heard before... will bring you perhaps what none of these others have brought you, but also something that is distinctly Paul Reid... the voice of a man which has in it the instincts of compassion, of love of the human species, of understanding of what we call “The Human Condition”.

This voice has meant much to many. It will, in this permanent form, bring you something indescribable... not merely a soft voice heard on the evening air, but a voice that will be yours to keep, the voice of Canada’s and Montreal’s Paul Reid, with its gentle timbre, all a man’s understanding and love of great words and thoughts, which themselves are expressions of “The Human Predicament”.

These are the things you will hear, albeit subconsciously, in the voice of Paul Reid.

Leslie Roberts

It is interesting to note that the album cover created quite a stir when it was released. While some people thought it was too provocative to be sold, most people embraced the artwork, which echoed the contents of the  disc. Paul loved the dark cover, the dusty rose and the sensuous nude on the cover. The controversy was short lived as the album sold well.

The album was re-issued in 1983 by the friends of Paul Reid to the benefit of his wife June. Once again it sold very well thanks to publicity generated by his long time radio station CJAD. It was issued under the Globe Special Products label and the liner notes were re-written by Ralph Lucas.

LINER NOTES (1983 Release)

Like so many people, I first came to know Paul Reid as a gentle voice in the night. Tuning around my radio dial I stumbled across his show and stayed to listen. And like so many others, I found myself turning back in again and again to hear the special magic that was Paul Reid

I never dreamed then, that one day Paul and I would work together. I never dreamed that one day we would be friends. I never knew how much Paul’s passing would mean to me and everyone who ever knew him.

There is far too little space here to say everything that should be said about Paul, and for me to even attempt to do that would not be fair.

There are others who knew him longer. There are others who knew him better. It is enough for me to say that Paul was a friend, and if you have experienced one very special friendship, then you know that nothing else needs to be said.

This album is a special edition of Paul’s first recording for Columbia records and contains all of the original material from that album. For those of you who have been looking for that very unique record, here it is. For those of you who have been afraid that your Columbia Records copy would soon wear out. now you need not fear. And for those of you who have never heard this record... you are in for a very special treat.

You will hear not only a voice that was loved, but the voice of a man who was loved.

And Paul’s gift to all who knew him was the love he put in his voice.

Love of the words he read.

Love of the audience that listened.

So, Paul Reid’s A Letter To My Love is really a letter to you.

Ralph Lucas

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Vinyl copies of the re-issued LP are still available as well.


A Letter To My Love

A  clip from “To a Sleeping Beauty” by L.Markes,

as read by Paul Reid on the album “A Letter To My Love”

Columbia Records

Catalog#: ELS315 Stereo - EL115 Monoral

The re-issued version of the album “A Letter To My Love”

Globe Records Catalog #: G-1006 (Special Products)