Released in 2005, “Vagabond House and other poems” was another charity release.

Along with partners, CJAD Radio and l’Équipeur stores, it made a total of $7,500 for the Montreal Children’s Hospital and Hôpital Ste-Justine.

The title track was a personal favourite of mine. Rich in imagery that you could almost touch, smell and taste, it became a favourite of Dad’s listeners as well


  1. 1.Vagabond House - Don Blanding

  2. 2.Stranger To My Eyes - Unknown

  3. 3.Summer Breeze - Unknown

  4. 4.White Magnolia Tree - Helen Deutsch

  5. 5.The Charm - Paul Reid

  6. 6.Fate - Unknown

  7. 7.Teak Forest - Unknown

  8. 8.You Kissed Me - Josephine Slocum Hunt

  9. Compact Discs of “VAGABOND HOUSE” are still available.

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Vagabond House

A Sample from

“Vagabond House”